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Make informed decisions as to the use you give to the available storage space
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WizTree can help you make informed decisions as to the use you give to the available storage space. The tool has a very easy-to-use interface, so, even if you do not have previous experience with it, you will find your way right away. Although the program is specifically intended for NTFS drives, it also supports non-NTFS hard drives, mapped drives and USB storage devices.

When you start WizTree, it automatically recognizes the connected drives. Then, you simply need to pick a location and press Scan. Luckily, you receive almost instant results, thanks to the fact that the program does not actually scan the drive; instead, it reads its Master File Table, a file used to keep track of the files and folders. However, this has the inconvenience that, once you have performed a scan, the results are not automatically updated when a change is made to the contents of the drive.

The program has various ways to display the results. My favorite is the tree view, which shows each file type in a different color. In addition, there is file view, in which files are sorted according to such criteria as size, percent of drive and modification date. You can also access general data about the partition, like total, used and free space.

To conclude, WizTree is a light but useful utility that may become essential for a smart management of your disks. Its biggest advantages are definitely usability and speed. Luckily, the product is free and there is even a portable version that you can carry on your portable drive.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very fast
  • Portable version available
  • Supports multiple file systems and devices


  • The results are not automatically updated when there is a change in the drive
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